Victor Simonin (1877 – 1946) – Still life with Cologne pot and vegetables


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Victor Simonin (1877-1946) – Still life with Cologne pot and vegetables

Victor Simonin was a Belgian neo-realistic painter. He also attended evening classes at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels and the violin class at the Conservatory. An accident resulted in a handicap on his left, after which he devoted himself entirely to painting. Simonin was one of the “Sillonists”, a group of young Belgian painters, students of the academy in Brussels, who rediscovered Impressionism around 1900. The representation of the light in rich colors, spontaneous brushstrokes and an excessive application of paint characterized the work of these painters. The work on offer is a clear example of this and convincingly bears the ‘handwriting’ of its maker Victor Simon.

Technique: oil on canvas
Format: 35 x 45 cm
Signed – before 1946

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