Johan Antonie de Jonge (1864-1927) – Parade Malieveld The Hague


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Jonkheer Johan Antonie de Jonge was born in 1864 as the eldest son of an influential Hague family. Although he had a great interest in the arts from home, a career as a painter was not an obvious one. During his law studies, de Jonge takes lessons in his spare time from several painters in The Hague. He also becomes a member of Pulchri Studio and regularly submits his work for exhibitions. After initially establishing himself as a lawyer in The Hague, de Jonge decided in 1903 to leave this career behind and devote himself entirely to painting. As an artist of the second generation of ‘Hague School’ painters, he is a contemporary of painters such as Isaac Israëls, George Breitner, Akkeringa, and Willem de Zwart. He mainly finds his subject on the beach of Scheveningen. With a smooth line and a striking touch, he brushes cheerful impressions of beach life and knows like no other how to paint an attractive picture of Scheveningen bathing life. This is a special work of a parade on the Malieveld in The Hague.

Bron: internet RKD

30 x 24 cm

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