Francois Pieter ter Meulen (1843-1927) – Flock of sheep


Came from a posh Bodegraaf family and grew up very protected between all kinds of uncles and aunts. He showed great talent for painting at a young age and became a pupil of H.en J.J. van de Sande Bakhuyzen. Afterwards he also studied literature, but after 1874 he concentrated on painting. He settled in The Hague and rose in his admiration for the real inhabitants of The Hague: Israels, Bosboom, Jacob Maris and Mauve. The latter certainly influenced him the most. Painted mainly landscapes with cattle (mostly sheep) and was a worthy follower of the Haagsche School. The work depicted here is depicted in: ‘Francois Pieter ter Meulen and the Haagsche School page 57 of Dr. Jan van der Lubbe ‘.

Material: Watercolor 41×70 cm
Signed: bottom left

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