Bart Schouten Leroy (1941-2001) – Street scene Paris


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Bart Schouten Leroy was a Dutch painter, born in 1941. Son of a famous architect and wealthy painter. After his military service he traveled to the South of France. When he returned to the Netherlands, he stayed in Paris, his mother’s place of residence. There he earned a living as a waiter while studying at the Ecole des Beaux Arts. It was the start of a series of beautifully painted street scenes of Paris. His works consist of romantic impressionism and are full of life. They are part of many collections around the world. While Leroy lived in The Hague (Holland), Antwerp (Belgium) and southern France, he also traveled to major cities such as Paris, New York, London, ect. Leroy therefore always returned to the place he loved most, namely southern France. (Txt® Google)

Technique: Oil on panel
Format: 15 x 24 cm
Signature: Bottom right

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