Fedor van Kregten (1871-1937) – Shepherd with sheep


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Fedor van Kregten lived and worked for a large part of his life in the hamlet of Notter near Wierden. A wide-ranging foundation, including a large number of working groups, has set itself the goal of achieving a Van Kregten Revival in at least Wierden, but also elsewhere in The Netherlands. And perhaps internationally, because his works hang from Buenos Aires to Moscow. In addition to Wierden, Van Kregten has also settled in The Hague and made a long journey to Mediterranean areas, including Spain and Morocco. During the ebb of the Hague School, Fedor van Kregten (1871-1937) painted his landscapes, in which many cows are often found. Herds of sheep also furnish many of his paintings. The autodidact Van Kregten was inspired by nature. (source: internet/fedorvankregten.nl)

Technique: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 60 x 88 cm (excl.frame)

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