Nicolaas Roosenboom (1805 – 1880) – Summer and winter forest landscape (pendant)

The painter Nicolaas Roosenboom was born Schellingwoude and died in Assen in 1880. He was the most successful student of Andreas Schelfhout. In 1829 he traveled to Germany and six years later he visited Scotland and Devonshire. Nicolaas Roosenboom lived and worked in Brussels, The Hague, Haarlem, Westerbork, Kampen and finally in Assen. He also regularly traveled with Verboeckhoven. Nicolaas Roosenboom painted winter landscapes with figures. Furthermore, summer landscapes, river and beach views and interiors with figures (his own children). This again concerns such a separate, beautiful selection of a pendant, two paintings of a summer and winter scene. Beautifully framed. Painted periode: 1880.

Oil on panel
22 x 20 cm (pendant)

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