Cornelis Vreedenburgh (1880-1946) – Boat along a canal

Cornelis Vreedenburgh received his first drawing lessons from his father, the house and decoration painter Gerrit Vreedenburgh, at an early age. Over time, G.J. Roermeester his new teacher, which made him focus more and more on the Hague School. During this period he regularly came into contact with the painters O.W.A. Roelofs and W.B. Tholen, from whom he also received various advice. Cornelis Vreedenburgh painted many polders and landscapes in his working years, for which he gained much inspiration in the many countries he visited. In addition, he lived for some time along the rivers to make beautiful paintings. This is such work. Boat along a draft from 1913. With tiny fine details such as the horse and the rider looking back.

Oil on oak panel
14x 26 cm

(Bron: world wide web)


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