Cor Schaap (1968) – Seashells cart



Cor Schaap (1968) is Dutch and grew up in the fishing village of Katwijk aan Zee. Schaap is good friends with the Katwijk impressionist Niek van der Plas who advises him and there is also regular contact with Joop van Leeuwen. In a small studio in the seaside town, Schaap works on oil paintings with mainly regional themes. Images from then or now, made in the studio and in summer also plein air. He did this regularly until 2020, from 2021 onwards Schaap hopes to be busy painting full time, especially as an important relaxation in his chronic illness (colitis ulcerosa, diabetes and HocM). He likes to work in the style of the Hague School. But there is also modern work of his hand. From 2021, the painter wants to summarize the different ‘study styles’ from earlier.

This ‘traditional’ painting concerns the hallway to the beach of a shell fisherman in Katwijk. The painter’s grandfather was a shell fisherman, his father a fisherman. Sheep played as a child in the mountains of shells that were poured out on the dam, previously with a horse and cart by Grandpa, a tall and strong man, found along the beach. Lifting the shells towards the bucket of the cart, in the net on the thick wooden handle, was hard work. The shells were used as masonry lime for construction and later for paths and decoration. Original work on panel in a beautiful handmade frame. Including certificate of the painter.

Oil paint on panel
40 x 50 cm

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