Alexander Coenraad Rosemeier (1888-1992) – Boat “The Seagull” in Katwijk

Alexander C. Rosemeier was born in Soekarta in Indonesia and died in Leiden. He received his training from Frits Jansen in The Hague and from Alphonse Baijens. Rosemeier belonged to the Leiden School, a related movement at the Hague School. The Leidse School (or Leidse Impressionisten) were a number of artists who initially painted in line with the Hague, later with more color. At the core of the Leiden school were painters such as Alex Rosemeier, Arend Jan van Driesten, Willem van der Nat and Chris van der Windt. Their paintings are characterized by a light, impressionist style. Many of the painters found their inspiration in Leiden cityscapes and in the rural area of ​​Leiden: the landscape of Katwijk, Zoeterwoude and around the Noord Aa. The quality of the paintings varies a lot. They often made a quick painting, for example to pay for the shelter for the night. Bread paintings. At the time, this was done across the country and by many artists. This is a beautiful work that the painter initially made for his daughter Elly. It was also her property. Boat “De Zeemeeuw” in the outlet at Katwijk. Has a handmade frame from Prins Lijsten, special craftsmanship. (

Oil on canvas
35 x 50 cm

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